Khorasan electricity industry employees future supply institute was established at the address   In 2006 by the efforts of khorasan electricity  industry managers with the participation of employed and retired employees of electricity industry  in order to improve livelihood and employment for their 2012/08/01 with the aim of increasing the participation of shareholders in the company’s decisions and using their has changed its legal structure from institution to company..

During this life time the company has taken valuble measures to meet the needs of the country’s electricity industry especially the production of various electricity meters and renewable energy by creating a labor market and attracting toung,talented and educated workers(with priority for shareholders’ children).using a capital of 432 billion rials and using the potential of 6200 of shareholders,it has established 10 companies in its subsidiary in order inter profitable  economic activities.

These 10 companies are as follows:

 1.renewable energy(installation renewable energy equipment and solar panels)

2.pak atie(production of renewable energy equipment and solar panels.

3.optimaizers(meter production)

4.atrak construction light(active in construction and other services related to renewable energy)

5.atie housing builders(construction project)

6.rashed(power plant)

7.atie tourism(welfare and tourism services for the complex)

8.atie gostar sanabad trading(commercial and commercial after)

9.binalood energy foundation(active in agriculthre)

10.future insurance(insurance services)

tamin atieh employees of khorasan electricity industry employess company is managed as a holding company in order to plan and invest in the management of the shares of the subsidiary order to increase the profits of the shareholders.



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