supply of the spare parts of units 2 and 5 of the shirvan combined-cycle power plant (khorasan gas power plant)

supply of the spare parts of units 2 and 5 of the shirvan combined-cycle power plant (khorasan gas power plant)

The contract mentioned above is for supply of the parts and the spare parts  to be used in units 2 and 5 of Shirvan combined_cycle power plant (gas turbine type v94.6)

This contract has been concluded in the middle of Autumn and the contractor delivers the power plant equipment in Shirvan

These parts are for electric parts and exact tools,there are 150 type of parts mentioned in the contract

The equipment mentioned are made by old and reliable companies such as:


·         Borri Electronic Cards


·         Siemens ,ABB , Duplomatic ,Wika Differential pressure sensor


·         BFI Flame sensor


·         Sika, Fantinelli, Georgin Wika Temperature sensor


·         krombach, Duplomatic, Bonetti, Elfit Level Sensor


·         Master,dumlomatic, Metanoimpianti Position sensor


·         Siemens Proximity sensor


·         Duplomatic , Siemens Pressure sensor


·         Vibrometer Vibration sensor


·         Braun Speed sensor


·         Duplomatic , Herion , Bollfilter , Elfit , Dwyer , Barksdale Differential pressure switch


·         Met Flow switch


·         Krombach , Barksdale , Elfit Level switch


·         Master , Duplomatic position switch


·         Braun Speed switch


·         Balluf , Siemens  Proximity switch


·         Eberle , Georgin Temperature switch


·         Duplomatic , Herion Pressure switch


·         Wika , Met , Ansaldo Pressure indicator


·         Met Flow indicator


·         Duplomatic, Master, Bonetti


·         Duplomatic, Master position indicator


·         Duplomatic , Master Position Sensor indicator


·         Siemens , Wika , Rosemaunt, pressure sensor indicator


·         Wika, Siemens pressure switch indicator


·         Braun Speed indicator


·         Wika , Sica , Fantinelli Temperature indicator


·         Eberle Temperature switch indicator


·         Wika Differential pressure indicator


·         Siemens Differential pressure sensor indicator


·         Vibrometer Amplifier


·         Biffi ,Metanoimpianti,Argus Actuator


·         Duplomatic, Moog Servo valve


·         Unigrate,Muller,Sima Solenoid Valve




·         Siemens,ABB,Duplomatic,Vibrometer,Wika,Master


·         Eberle,Herion,Rosemaunt,Krombach,Metanoimpianti,Braun


·         Baulluf,Herion,Termics,Barksdale,Unigrate,Heraeus Endress-Hauser


·         ... Bollfilter ,Squared , Magne-sonic  ,Cella ,Autel ,Argus,etc



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