Tamin Atieh Holding

Tamin Atieh Holding

Atieh group was founded in 2006 as a cooperative holding possses more than 6000 shareholders consist of the retired and employees of Khorasan electrical industries. Atieh's employees are mostly young, educated and talented. its activities are mostly related to electricity and power plants and its sub companies are listed below:

1. Khorasan renewable energies

2. Pak Atieh

3. Behineh Sazan

4. Noor Sakht e Atrak

5. Maskan Sazan e Atieh

6. Rashed

7. Gardeshgari Atieh

8. Atieh trading

9. Bonyan Energy Binaloud

10. Atieh insurance company

11. Arta



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