Introduction of board members

Introduction of board members




The chairman

Name: Seyed Hasan Rahnamaei Rah Chamandi

Year of birth: 1972


Educational background:


Bachelor in Engineering in agricultural plants


Work experience:


CEO of Pouya Etehad Shargh( 2011_2017)

Business manager for Omran va Maskan Sazan Mantaghe Shargh(2007_2011)

Governor of Iranshahr(2005_2007)

Governor of Khash (2003_2005)

Governor of Nikshahr and member of the board of Kesht Va Sanat Gohar Kooh(2001_2003)

Prefect of Ghasr Ghand(1999_2001)

Vice chairman of the board and CEO of Kesht Va Sanat Bani Hosein(1998_1999)

Member of the board and CEO of Kesht Va Sanat Felahat




The vice chairman of the board

Name:Mohsen Hakak Sadeghi

Year of birth:1968


Educational background:


Bachelor in physics from Ferdosi university of Mashhad (graduated in 1993)

Masters of science in Industrial Engineering(graduated in 1999)

PhD in business management (DBA)


Work experience:


CEO of Tamin-e-Atieh co.(since 2013)

Member of the board of Behine Sazan co. And financial and support assistant(2011_2013)

Assistant of Khorasan Electrical Distribution co. (2008_2011)

Member of the commission of power ministry’s smart counters(2006_2008)

Chairman of the board of charity for aid to the children needing Cochlear implanting(since 2007)

Member of the board of power industry joint stock company(since 2006)

Chairman of the board of Salamati retirement  home(since 2005)

Chairman of the board of Masraf Karkonan Bargh joint stock company(2001_2005)

Manager of subscriber services ,manager of reckoning, manager of subscribers’ contracts and selling more than 2 MW electric power(1999_2008)

Expert of major subscribers(1996_1999)

Manager of subscriber services in Mashhad power distribution co.(1996)

Operation shift engineer(1994-1996)




Name: Mohammad Javad Hoseini Moghadam

Year of birth:1983


Educational background:


Master  of science in energy  from  Isfahan water and power industry faculty

Bachelor in power plant operation engineering from Khorasan water and power industry faculty


Work experience:


Member of the board of Khorasan reneweble Energies

CEO of the Atieh gostar sanabad co

Assistant of planning and developments in Tamin-e-atieh co

Manager of incomes related to repair and construction of the power plant parts in Mashhad power plant

Manager of the project of Ofogh zahedan 500 MW combined cycle power plant

Employing  experts for doing overhaul  in ferdosi power plant(2015_2017)

Consultant for Energy bourse in Farabi agency

Manager of administration in Mashhad power plant

Supervisor of operation in Mashhad power plant

Manager of chemical part in Mashhad power plant

Manager of engineering team in Mashhad power plant

Operation shift engineer  in Mashhad power plant(4 gas units and 4 steam units)



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